Yoga Teacher Training Begins – Day 1 of a Month

First let me apologize for the coming month as I go through Yoga Teacher Training here in the very top NW corner of Thailand where the border intersects with Laos and Burma (Myanmar).  In case you didn’t know, this is the where the notorious Golden Triangle is or at least where it used to be. Where drug-lords grew, opium, smuggled it and fought with government forces for decades. Long lawless and dangerous to visit, it is now peaceful and tourist friendly.

I flew in from Bangkok to Chiang-Rai yesterday and then took a shuttle ride into the mountains. Hard to describe how beautiful and amazing it is here. Long views of the valley and perched on the side and top of a commanding hill. The Jungle is just alive and totally verdant. It breathes. If you listen carefully you can hear distinct rhythms in the sounds it makes. There are also rhythms within the rhythms building into crescendos and then beginning again. Pic below is the reflection in the window of my room from the veranda. Views of the valley beyond are magnificent.

Reflection in the window of my cottage/room.
The veranda on my cottage. Amazing views of the valley beyond
Coy pond – some sizable lunkers lurking around in there.
Looking out on the valley beyond from the terrace complex in the resort part

Training starts today, but yesterday I was able to stay in the luxury resort lower down the hill and partake in some things I won’t for the next month. Like my own amazing room/cottage, a dip in the Infinity Pool, coffee and a cocktail in the super cool little bar. This morning I moved into a small dorm room with 4 other guys from various countries. Room is comfortable but quarters are tight and I haven’t lived in dorm style for a long long while. Will likely take some adjusting and I hope nobody snores haha. No mosquito nets here either so not sure how that is going to work out. We’ll find out tonight I guess. I’ll wear liberal does of bug juice and consider the situation.

View from the amazing Infinity Pool – very refreshing in the heat too
The practice area at the Ashram is this wonderful covered outdoor platform/temple sort of structure. It’s where we’ll be spending the vast majority of the time. Sorry I don’t have pics yet, but will what I can do as soon as I can. Meanwhile here are a few more..
Some of the stuff you find in the jungle. Guessing WWII vintage, but who knows.
Place is full of wonderful little details, flowers, plants, sculptures etc.

Lots of other cool stuff to show and tell about, but running a little short of time. I will post as much as I can as often as I can, but again, it’s going to be very challenging to accomplish during the training period so will see. Replies and comments may be a little tardy as well.

Still need a name for my fuzzy little mascot here…