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4 Great Winter Destinations Probably Not on Your Radar

Some Amazing Winter Destinations You Probably Haven’t Considered (but Maybe Should)

It’s the middle of winter and most people in the northern hemisphere understandably crave a little sunshine and warmth, but I also think this is the absolute perfect time to experience some of the most amazing places in North America – without all the crowds. Sure, they can be cold, but […]

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The World’s Hardest Job??

The Hardest Job in the World…

So maybe this is just a little tongue in cheek, but really, I have no idea how the power/telephone line repair workers in Thailand make any sense of the terminal spaghetti farms infesting most cities and towns in the country. Some of these impenetrable tangles make the mythical Gordian Knot seem like a child’s sneaker […]

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World’s Top 5 Most Unusual Shopping Malls..

My Top 5 List of Strangest Shopping Malls in the World..

…and five honorable mentions…

With one possible exception, every location on this list completely stretches the traditional western definition of “mall” past way past its normal boundaries. However, if you use your imagination a little, you can see how some places of commerce in other countries could be considered […]

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Sex Toys or Bottle Openers in Bali

Sex Toys or Bottle Openers in Bali 

If you ever travel to Bali, particularly in places like Kuta, Legian or Ubud, you are guaranteed to run into an odd intersection (for westerners anyway) of art, utility, fertility, commerce and socio-religious significance. I am talking of course about the ubiquitous penis shaped bottle openers, key-chains, Christmas Tree ornaments, lamps and other “objets […]

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When Travel Attacks – Part 2

Ten Days Solo in a Thai Hospital – Part 2

If you read the first half of this article, you already know about how and where I got sick, as well as my rapidly worsening condition after three nights stay in hospital at Ao Nang in southern Thailand. You can read the first part of the story HERE.

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When Travel Attacks…Part 1

Surviving Ten Days Solo in a Thai Hospital

It’s been a year now since I got sick while rock climbing at Tonsai beach near Krabi in southern Thailand where I spent ten days in the hospital as well as many weeks afterward recuperating. I wrote a very detailed blog post about it at the time, but for some reason decided to […]

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Appalachian Autumn – The Ocoee River

The Ocoee River at the Dawn’s First Light

On Sunday I went with a group of friends to kayak the Hiwassee River, just across the North Carolina border in Tennessee. I had a totally fantastic day paddling this beautiful watercourse surrounded by all the glories Autumn can produce. When we left the cabin before 5 am it was about 30 degrees […]

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Learning Cherokee Via Letterpress Workshop

Cherokee Letterpress Workshop

I think many, if not most, designers will tell you that at some point in their careers they had a fascination, or flat out love affair, with Letterpress. If you love typography as I do, then I believe this is especially true. Dell and I have been taking a series of workshops that combine Letterpress printing with the […]

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Smokey Mountain Roller Derby!!

Bryson City Roller-Girls Duke it Out With Little City

A few weeks ago, I was invited by new friends Bob and Gwen to attend a Roller Derby match between the hometown team in Bryson City, NC and the visiting girls from Little City, TN. I’m not sure I’ve ever been to a live Roller Derby event and I’m positive it’s […]

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