Using Lightroom and Photoshop to Improve Your Waterfall Photos

This post is the second installment showing basic gear, in the field techniques and other methods for getting those “Cover of National Geographic” photos of waterfalls and other types of moving water. Actually, most of the techniques discussed here are applicable to most image making where long exposures are required. This article is about post-production techniques using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop along with some plug-ins that I think you’ll love. I captured the basic concepts and workflows as a video and posted both on YouTube and Vimeo rather than go through a tedious written explanation here.

If you like the video and want to see more, please click the “Like” and “Share” buttons or feel free to comment and make suggestions or requests for future tutorials. I am actually planning on doing a more detailed training series on photographing waterfalls and this piece is really just a single case study as I try to work out details for the best possible online workshop.

Til Next Time…