7 Magnificent Waterfalls at Erewon in Thailand

Well thank God there remain a good number of old, fat and wrinkly dudes out there in public who still think it’s a good idea to wear tiny little banana hammocks as a fashion statement. I was so worried this breed of Fashionista was extinct, but no!!! My trip to the stunning Erewon Waterfalls yesterday just north of Kanchanaburi, Thailand put that misconception to rest. Micro marble holders abounded and with bright sturdy sneakers as a de rigeur utilitarian hiking accessory, so the designers in Milan and Paris can rest easy…

Seriously though, I can’t say enough about how totally gorgeous these falls were and how much I loved diving in to the blue green water above and below several of them.  There are 7 waterfalls in total spanning a 4 kilometer hike up through a verdant jungle teaming with human and non-human wildlife. I understand that they filmed some of the scenes used in Leonardo de Caprio’s movie “The Beach” here, although I cannot remember which ones. I’d have to see it again or check in order to know for sure. I can say that each one was unique and they were all amazing. I made sure to hike to the top getting good and sweaty before swimming my way back down to cool off in the near 100 degree heat. Truth be told I didn’t actually swim in all of them for various reasons, but enough to satisfy my cravings to be in the water again. For those who don’t know me well; I could spend the entire day in the water and never want to come out. Definite water baby I am.

Some of the pools had full on schools of fish that nibbled any body part not actively paddling around. Nothing that hurt – just that same kind of tickling, electric current sensation you get when you rent time in those little feet cleaning ponds here in Asia. The difference here being that those fish are itty-bitty minnows and these suckers (literally) range between 6 inches and over a foot so you know they are there without a doubt. It’s just a weird feeling, but you do get used to it (sort of haha) after a while. That or you just get out of the water sooner I guess.
The above pic taken at Waterfall 5 and the first one I jumped into. Not great pops at 6 and 7 so this was the first good place to jump in. plenty of fish waiting to nibble on my bum…
Oh yeah baby – there they is…. waiting with hungry anticipation for snack time. Go ahead, I dare ya – just jump on in. The water is fine. 🙂