More Images from Tonsai and its Neighbor Pranang Beach

I am completing day 2 in hospital in Ao Nang up the coast from Tonsai after getting seriously ill with some nasty tropical bug. Tonsai is accessible only by boat and only during the daytime (6am to 6pm). I had to self evacuate from my bungalow up in the jungle to the beach and then make the trip to Ao Nang which has the closest medical facilities. Given I was having a hard time not passing out and trying very hard just to keep standing, the trip was, let’s just say interesting. One of the pitfalls of traveling solo I guess. Once I got on the long-tail boat to Ao Nang, I was helped by some very kind tourists who gave me water, helped me out of the boat and into a taxi for the hospital.

That is all part of a longer story and I’ll write about it later once I’ve been discharged (hopefully tomorrow). Now that I am recovered enough to be somewhat coherent, I wanted to post some more pictures of the Tonsai and Pranang Beach areas. I have so many shots I love and it takes a long time to upload from here so I may keep doing these posts til I get enough out. I hope you enjoy.

Tonsai Food Court – home of Mama’s Kitchen and other eateries…

Tiny little crabs dig their homes in the sand making wonderful patterns that stretch almost endlessly
More Munkees..

Hard to see but beautiful lit lanterns floating into the night sky for Buddhist Loi Krathong Festival. Like souls journeying to the next world. Totally ethereal.

That’s all for now, but hopefully will publish more pics from this gorgeous area. I will publish a short story on my hospital stay and how I ended up here as soon as I’m discharged which will be tomorrow with luck. As soon as I’m out and feeling strong enough, I have to go back to Tonsai and retrieve my backpack before it disappears. The longer I wait, the less chance… well you know.