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A Magical Roadside Oasis

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Earlier this summer I chanced upon one of the most beautiful and inspiring waterfalls I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot) in one of the most unlikely places I could imagine. On a road trip through British Columbia in Western Canada I chanced upon this incredible little oasis situated smack dab in what is reputedly the driest, hottest place [...]

Squamish, BC – Can’t Get Enough…

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Back for More Fun and Adventure in the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada After my last post on this amazing place, I continued traveling around British Columbia in Western Canada for a few more weeks and ran across some incredible places and people I will write about in later posts. What I did do on the way back was revisit [...]

Squamish – The Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada

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Gravity, Wind, Scenic Wonders & Fun... There's a small town with huge personality and incredible beauty situated smack dab in between Vancouver and Whistler BC Canada. I think most casual tourists making the trip to and from Vancouver and Whistler just sort of stumble onto it unexpectedly with big googly eyes and a slack jaw. They don't expect something like this and it probably wasn't on [...]

Four Season Magic in Canada’s Okanagan Region

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Canada's (Not So) Hidden Jewel   Over the years, I have had occasion to spend relatively extended periods in the Okanagan region of Western Canada during my travels. For anyone unfamiliar with this area, you are in for a treat if you ever get a chance to visit. Located roughly between Vancouver, BC and Calgary, Alberta, this expansive area is mostly know [...]

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4 Great Winter Destinations Probably Not on Your Radar

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Some Amazing Winter Destinations You Probably Haven't Considered (but Maybe Should) It's the middle of winter and most people in the northern hemisphere understandably crave a little sunshine and warmth, but I also think this is the absolute perfect time to experience some of the most amazing places in North America - without all the crowds. Sure, they can be cold, [...]

The World’s Hardest Job??

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The Hardest Job in the World...So maybe this is just a little tongue in cheek, but really, I have no idea how the power/telephone line repair workers in Thailand make any sense of the terminal spaghetti farms infesting most cities and towns in the country. Some of these impenetrable tangles make the mythical Gordian Knot seem like a child's sneaker [...]

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