Top 10 Cliffs To See in This Lifetime

10  11 Must See Cliffs in This Lifetime…

As a nearly lifetime climber, I am in love with cliffs and all things about them. I have been lucky enough to climb and experience them all over the world. From the small to the truly colossal, they are all fascinating to me. There are so many amazing places, that it’s nearly impossible […]

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Port Townsend, Pygmy and The Coolest Kayaks Ever

Last month, my girlfriend Dell and I took a detour and stopped in at Port Townsend, Washington on our way past during a trip that included Oregon, Washington and BC Canada. It was a little out of the way, but I’m really glad we went. There was a specific reason for this stop that had to do with a much more […]

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A Magical Roadside Oasis

Earlier this summer I chanced upon one of the most beautiful and inspiring waterfalls I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot) in one of the most unlikely places I could imagine. On a road trip through British Columbia in Western Canada I chanced upon this incredible little oasis situated smack dab in what is reputedly the driest, hottest place […]

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Squamish, BC – Can’t Get Enough…

Back for More Fun and Adventure in the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada

After my last post on this amazing place, I continued traveling around British Columbia in Western Canada for a few more weeks and ran across some incredible places and people I will write about in later posts. What I did do on the way back was revisit Squamish, […]

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Squamish – The Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada

Gravity, Wind, Scenic Wonders & Fun…

There’s a small town with huge personality and incredible beauty situated smack dab in between Vancouver and Whistler BC Canada. I think most casual tourists making the trip to and from Vancouver and Whistler just sort of stumble onto it unexpectedly with big googly eyes and a slack jaw. They don’t expect something like this and it probabl