Most Deadly – Fish or Feet??

Pirhana Feed at OK Corral

Okay well eaten yes, but not in the way Piraña would. You pay a small amount to stick your feet into a fish tank filled with about a billion little tiny fish and they just swarm the ol’ tootsies, devouring any dead skin and cleaning up. Not that my feet need cleaning of course. 🙂 It’s sort of like Nature’s own pedicure imported from the Amazon or wherever these little suckers come from. It feels part ticklish and part like a very very mild electric current. If you’ve ever used a Tens unit on lowest setting, you probably know what what the sensation is like.

It’s all terribly civilized. You sit with your feets in the tank and they bring you tea while you watch, read or chat. You can do your hands too, but I didn’t really feel the need. My fear of course was that I’d stick my feet in and all the fish would end up floating upside down in the tank from the effects of toxic shock or something. Good news is they all survived and so did I.

This is the famed golden Clock Tower in Chiang Rai. Lit up and very beautiful at night. Hard to get a shot without a trillion cars or scooters in the frame though. Apparently it’s against the law here to have a break in the traffic at all (kidding of course). It just seems rare no matter what the time of day or night.

Yesterday I sent most of my climbing gear (except shoes and harness) south to Krabi (Thailand) so I don’t have to carry all the extra weight and bulk for the jaunt through Laos and Cambodia the next few weeks. It feels like I’m carrying a house around on my back here. So much junk. In reality it’s all needed, but man it feels like I overpacked sometimes. We’re still in the monsoon season here so it’s raining most every day, but thankfully not all day most of the time. Should be coming to the tail end of it though.

I hope it’s dry for climbing in Thakhet, Laos next week though. Would suck to go all that way and get skunked because of rain. It’s a long way in too. The crags there look amazing with some huge roof pitches that are within the realm of possibility even for me with my fingers turned to wimpy noodles from lack of climbing the last month or so. Yoga has helped other fitness, but mostly flexibility and the pushing muscles. It doesn’t do a lot for pulling muscles and finger strength. Will be fun to see what the effects are though. Tomorrow I leave for the 2 day boat ride down the Mekong River that ends at Luang Prabang. Some time there and then to Vang Vieng, Vientiane and Thakhet.

Me at the Chiang Rai Night Market with a wine cooler in hand. You wouldn’t believe all the cool, mostly hand-made artisan stuff available there. The prices are very very cheap and quite frankly if it wasn’t for the fact that my pack is stuffed full, I’d probably be buying all kinds of stuff. Shipping home is a little more expensive than I originally thought, so I’ll have to use that option sparingly. I sent about 10 pounds of climbing gear to S. Thailand for a about a quarter the price I sent just one textbook and two shirts home.
Above: Beautiful handcrafted wooden wine bottle holder in the shape of a hand for about $14 as an example. Don’t be fooled by the Heineken beer bottle. It’s waaaaaayyy bigger than your standard 12 ouncer. These are ubiquitous in Thailand. Sort of giant Chernobyl beer bottles. Order one and get five more for free right in the same bottle haha. Okay – tomorrow is the trip to Laos. Be safe.