2 Days To Go!!

My flight from Seattle to Bangkok is now about 2 days away and still so many details to take care of. It’s been dizzying, but also really exciting as I get closer to beginning this journey. I haven’t had time to really even design this blog yet, which is a little vexing given what I’ve been doing professionally now for so many years. Please bear with me as I sort this out and get comfortable with the new blogging platform and life on the road with a tiny little MacBook Air, an overstuffed backpack (surprise) and unknown Wi-Fi connections etc. It’s going to be a fun journey and adventure. Since this is the first post and I don’t even have a picture to go along with it, I think I’ll just end this one here. Stay tuned for hopefully more interesting posts and some images to go along with them.

Mom, Pop and Me at the airport

Pop, Sis and Me at The Spot on the drive to Seatac